How much does a Make-up artist usually charge for Bridal Makeup in New Delhi?
You can get a makeup artist in Delhi ranging from Rs.10,000 – Rs. 50,000 . It depends on you how important is make up & hairstyling is to you on your wedding functions. Someone with good professional experience and body of work will charge you nothing less than Rs.25,000 – Rs.40,000 per function in Delhi. While some artists have different charges for pre wedding functions than Bridal , others like to keep a flat price for any function.

What is more preferable, getting ready on location or at a makeup artist's studio?
While traveling is an issue for most of the brides, I recommend ask the artist if they are willing to travel to your venue or opt for the best makeup artist’s studio around your wedding venue. Getting ready in a studio will be convenient on the front that its all under one roof and lighting and other arrangements won’t be an issue , but choosing one near your wedding venue will be a smart choice. Freelance Make up artists will come to your venue with their team and most of us professional artists do carry their own lightings as well. However, you still have to compromise with hair wash, lighting to an extent , space , etc. while getting ready at your house/ venue.

What brands of Make-up and Hairstyling products does your Makeup artist use?
Your best make-up artists will always tell you one thing, they are brand conscious but do not stick to one particular brand for all their makeup and hair products. We like to experiment and discover the best according to our preference and expertise, which is why no wonder all top publications and bloggers ask for our favorites. While the quality is really important , it is also important for these very best cosmetics to suit you.

Should one opt for a paid-trial with their Makeup Artist before the wedding functions?
Its not a bad idea to go for a paid trial that the best makeup artists will charge around Rs.5,000 per look (half face only). On the other hand, if you feel comfortable discussing all your looks with your Makeup artist pre hand that isn’t bad either. Your rapport with the Make-up artist is all that matters. Panicking and losing your cool on the D day won’t do any good to you or the Makeup artist. Communication is the key and if you don’t like something, you can always ask your makeup artist very respectfully to change it and for sure, he/she won’t mind.

How do I keep my look fresh for the entire function ?
While a good Artist would know exactly your needs , choice of professional products will obviously be longer lasting than consumer based products. If you still feel you have a particular skin concern like too much shine on the face or lipstick wearing off quickly , etc ., always have a touch up kit with products suggested by the artist ready with your bridesmaid for quick fix. This would include a compact, a lip color or a gloss, lip balm and an eye kohl.

How long does it take to get completely ready?
It can take anywhere from 2-3 hours to get a bride ready for her wedding functions. This will include Makeup , Hairstyling , Draping , and Nail paint.

Do you need a hair accessory or flowers to decorate the hairstyle?
This point can also be discussed while finalizing the looks in advance so that you are prepared. You can get plenty of options online for beautiful hair accessories online , head gears like embellished pieces or crown are also a good idea , while flowers are ever green and bring brightness to your look.

What are the common makeup mistakes that every bride-to-be should avoid ?
Do not go for a lighter shade of foundation, it looks grey on your face whether one looks face to face , or in pictures. Idea should be to keep it glowing, in an even skin tone and let that skin tone be yours. Do not add shimmer or shine all over your face – it will end up looking sweaty/oily on stage and pictures. T zone and high point of the cheeks are the highlight areas. Add light gold or pearl white sheen.
What to keep in mind while selecting makeup colors? And Hairstyling?
Depending on the color of the outfit pick your makeup colors.  Play contrast between eyes and lips. If your eye makeup is strong, keep it the focus with minimal lips. If you intend to go for bright lips, keep eyes minimal with shades of golds, pearl whites , neutral shimmer , etc.  Lipsticks can be red , pink or orange – match it to the oufit. Choose lighter tones in shame shades of lipsticks if your eyes have a bright tone of same color as your wedding outfit. This is called a monotone look. As for hairstyling , the best way is to look for references of Celebrities on red carpet , or movies with same face structure as yours. This will give you all the suitable choices , and you cannot go wrong.